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Back in Jamaica 2010

I am just back from another productive trip to Jamaica. My intention was to Blog while traveling around the island. Due to poor connectivity and later, the unrest and military operations against a local drug cartel in Kingston, I have had to wait until now to post my stories.

Jamaican Fern. Photo: Richard L. Goldberg

In the coming weeks I will upload stories dealing with the flora, fauna and people of Jamaica. One Blog entry being prepared deals with Jamaican ferns and will focus on the artistic patterns of some of the island’s 500+ species, and while exploring the Cockpit Country, how we stumbled upon a Jamaican elder who guided the renowned expert on Jamaican ferns, Dr. George Proctor, during his research of the island’s ferns in extreme remote regions during the 1960’s and ’70’s.

Roasted Blue Mountain coffee beans. Photo: Richard L. Goldberg.

Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee is revered by coffee drinkers the world over. We’ll show you how Blue Mountain coffee is still harvested and processed the old fashion way; by hand. And we’ll explore a small patch of forest on a Jamaican hillside and take a closer look at the incredible biodiversity that can be found within a few hundred square feet.

Dentellaria picturata. Photo: Richard L. Goldberg

Lots of interesting images and a couple of short films are currently being prepared for uploading to “Art & Science of Nature”. Catch you soon.


Photographing macro-sized flora and fauna around the rim of a ± 200 foot sink hole in the John Crow Mountains


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