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New topics are hatching


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  hkwiat wrote @

Hi guys!
Glad to see you all arrived with no problems and are busy out there finding snails. Great pictures Richie! I need to find out what kind of camera you are using since I’m ready to pass mine to Christopher and upgrade. Travis Payne and I were commenting on the stories and great information provided in an easy to access format. Rest well tonight and look forward to seeing what other critters you find under the leaf litter around the rocks. Just did a super webseminar tonight with the NSTA about space travel to Mars and the effects on the human body. Along in the presentation, Jim Pawelocysk from Penn St and #346 of the people who have worked on the ISS started talking about the contributions of mollusks in helping scientists study calcium loss in space. Alan, thought of you right away and your talk about the tests done up at the station a few years ago. There are more tests being scheduled for mollusks and several may be going to the moon on the next trip! Snails in Space! Those slow guys are getting around everywhere courtesy of NASA! 🙂
Have a great day tomorrow and happy hunting!
Helen Kwiat

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